Justuno + Klipsch

Justuno provides an enhanced, customized shopping and browsing experience for Klipsch.com users. Justuno collects general information including (but not limited to) email address, location, IP information and website activity - as further set forth in our Privacy Policy. Justuno may send email information collected to Bronto, an email marketing platform under the supervision of Klipsch, to deliver email communications you’ve explicitly opted-in to receive. Your information may also be passed to Magento or Kibo, ecommerce platforms under the supervision of Klipsch, to provide a dynamic shopping and post-purchase experience/communication. Wpromote, an independent marketing company under Klipsch supervision, is provided access to Justuno, Bronto, Magento and Kibo data to evaluate the performance of our marketing communications and assist improving the content and experience of our website. Your information may also be passed to Google, Bing and Facebook where it will be anonymized and used for the sole purpose of providing further communications from Klipsch.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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