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Reference Sound Bars

No complicated AV receiver required - simply plug in the soundbar, place the wireless subwoofer anywhere in your room and you're on your way to an unparalleled listening experience. 

Reference Subwoofers

Comprised of exclusive technologies to deliver an epic performance, these copper and black monsters have an acoustically perfected design, - making them ideal for high-performance home audio configurations.


Reference Premiere HD Wireless

Klipsch has created the first ever future-proof wireless home theater system delivering unparalleled cinema-quality sound.

Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speakers


Reference Premiere Dolby Atmos® Series

The greatest advancement in home audio since surround sound - Dolby Atmos® delivers an experience like no other with an overhead soundstage to completely engulf you in your movies and music. 


Stream Products

Enjoy hi-def streaming music anywhere in your home. Choose from AM/FM and internet radio as well as popular music streaming services like Spotify - these products are able to deliver and listening experience unlike any other.

The Three

Reference Over-Ear Headphones

Incredible comfortable with the latest acoustic technology, Reference Over-Ear headphones bring your music and movies to life with lifelike detail. 

Reference Over-Ear
Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth

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