Klipsch Booth at CEDIA Convention

Klipsch at CEDIA 2015: Day 1 Recap

The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo is one of the biggest showcases of the year for Klipsch, allowing the 70-year-old company to proudly displaying its legendary speakers for custom installers and integrators.

This is the type of the audience that appreciates quality and simplicity. In other words: no bullshit.

For the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas, TX, Klipsch has both new and current products on display that wowed everyone who rolled through the both on day one.

Most of the speakers on display at CEDIA are for professionals; however, that didn’t stop us from bringing the latest and greatest consumer options – some of which you may not have seen before…but more on that tomorrow.

Klipsch Pro THX Series


Introducing the new Klipsch Pro THX Series of speakers. These THX®-certified speakers are a terrific solution for custom installers who want to give their customers an extraordinary home theater experience without taking up precious floor space. The new edge-to-edge grilles allow these in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to disappear while the latest blockbuster blares throughout the space. (Learn More)

Klipsch Professional Series


Exclusively for contractors, the new Klipsch Professional Series is a great option for those roaming the halls of CEDIA 2015, as they provide dynamic, powerful performance while blending into one’s décor.

While other companies may ignore sound quality in their custom install speakers, we never will. (Learn More)

Klipsch Distributed Audio


Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor, office or home, Klipsch has distributed audio options that will rock the building. (Yes, that is pun with our rock speakers in mind.)

The key is choices, choices, choices…without sacrificing the quality sound Klipsch is known for. Click here to learn more and browse through the available options.

Klipsch No Bullshit Buttons


You didn’t think we would show up to a trade show without our trademark yellow “Bullshit” buttons, did you?

If you want to know how this became a motto for Paul W. Klipsch and the company as a whole, click here.

Steve Cropper Klipsch


The day before the show kicked off, we held a special event for the Klipsch sales team that puts in endless hours trying to spread the word of quality audio. A good friend of Klipsch – the legendary guitarist Steve Cropper – came over to the Proof and Pantry to put on a show for everyone.

It was a heck of a treat with Cropper telling incredible stories about musicians like Otis Redding who he called “the best singer of all-time.” Of course, the actual performance was top-notch as well with songs that Cropper wrote and/or produced.

It really isn’t too often that you get to enjoy a person who Rolling Stone called one of the top 100 guitarists of all time. In addition, Cropper was incredibly friendly with everyone in attendance, enthusiastically recalling stories from years ago or from the other day.

Cropper’s band members like Andy Childs and Steve Hornbeak are quite accomplished musicians in their own right. Childs and Hornbeak are both regulars on the hit TV show Nashville, so, naturally many of the Klipsch staff peppered them with questions about the show’s star Connie Britton.

That’s it for day one of CEDIA 2015! Remember, you can stay up to date on everything about the show by following us on Twitter and Instagram. Learn more at www.KlipschGroupShows.com

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