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Klipsch Valentine’s Day Playlist

Well it’s that time of year again…Valentine’s Day. Sure, we could put together our own playlist, but it is more fun to hear from members of the Klipsch community. Here are some of the questions asked to participants: Where are you from? What’s your favorite love song? What speakers are you listening to at home? There were a variety of answers ranging from sweet to funny, to downright salty. Without further ado, here are the responses:

Christian Porter, East Lansing, Michigan

"The Way Life Goes,” featuring Oh Wonder. This song, despite technically being a rap song, helps me realize that no matter what, there's always another way in life. I'm listening to RP-280Fs.

Keith McNally, Southeast Maine

There are so many... but two that come to mind are Fisher, “I Will Love You,” just because it is so gut-wrenchingly beautiful and simplistic... and Type O Negative, “Love You To Death,” from the October Rust album, because you can tell Peter Steele worshiped whatever woman he wrote the song about. The whole album is an ode to his passion. As far as speakers... there are several, but my main listening room has Forte IIs and two R-115SW subs.

Stephen Bond, small town near Cooperstown, New York

“Same Old Lang Syne,” by Dan Fogelberg. When I hear the song, it makes me yearn for the years of being young and not having a care in the world. It brings back fond memories of the girls in my life growing up. My Klipsch speakers are: a pair of Fortes, two pairs of Forte lls, Cornwalls, La Scalas, Khorns, RF- 82 lls, RF-7 llls, RC-62 lls, RC-64 Ills, and a bunch of surround speakers.

Saul Gonzalez, West Texas

“Blue Moon,” by Elvis. It's a perfect song. Listening on the RF-5s and R-12SW.

Christy Ellis Luquet, Picayune, Mississippi

“My Girl,” by the Temptations. Married 40 years on November 11, 2018, and the song fits us perfectly. Forte III, Cornwall III, Heresy, Heresy II, MWM/402s with KPT-1502 subwoofer, RB-75s, Quintets, and in-ceilings in the home-based studio.

Cory Harrison, Paducah, Kentucky

Rod Stewart, "Have I Told You Lately.” Jubilees and Forte IIIs are my main speakers, but I have a ton. Rod Stewart was my mother's favorite artist so any time my late father would try to do something special, Rod would get played. Dad always listened for the breakup in Rod's raspy voice. It sounded so realistic, he felt like Rod was in the same room.

Darion Fox, St. Louis, Missouri

Rod Stewart, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy.” Listening on Klipsch RF-7 IIs, aka “towers of power.”

Ron McGowan, Big Cedar, Oklahoma

‪“You Are So Beautiful,” by Joe Cocker. I have KLF-20s.

Dan Nix, Farmerville, Louisiana

J. Geils Band, “Love Stinks.” I have Khorns, Cornwalls, Fortes and a smattering of other Klipsch related gear.

Michael Lashley, Atlanta, Georgia

Joshua Kadison, “Beautiful In My Eyes.” Denon AVR receiver, RP-150Ms, RP-440C, Sunfire HRS 8 sub, and DIY surrounds.

Brian Craig, Tinley Park, Illinois

The Jeff Healey Band, “Angel Eyes,” on R-28Fs. It was playing the night I met my wife 21 years ago.

Evan Cramer, Kansas City, Missouri

Otis Redding, “I Love You More Than Words Can Say,” playing through RP-260Fs. This has become the song to send my lady on a rough day. It raises her spirits. I tend to put it on to lift my own, as needed. I've always loved Otis Redding.

Tim Fehrenbach, Winsor, Ontario

Steelheart, “I’ll Never Let You Go.” My wife and I had this as one of our wedding songs. Sounds amazing through my KLF-30s. Also, Sheriff, “When I’m With You,” swear he is singing in my room… Weird.

Michael Schwin, Katy, Texas

Elton John, “Your Song.” My mother introduced me to Elton when I was very young and we both love this song. It will always be one of my favorites. Rocking Audioengine A5+ monitors and a Klipsch R-10SW.

Daniel Pannell, Chicago, Illinois

Any song about pizza. Check out Martin Garrix, “Pizza.” On a more serious note, Johnny Craig, “Detroit Winters.” My fronts are KG-5.2s, rears are KSF-8.2s, sides are RP-150Ms, and center is an RP-250C. Working on getting a more matching setup.

Michael Stevens, Plant City, Florida

I sang “Beautiful In My Eyes,” by Joshua Kadison to my wife during our wedding. When listening to it on my La Scalas or RF-7 IIIs, I’m reminded of the special day 21 years ago, when I married the sweetest and most beautiful woman.

Michael Ehm, Chicago, Illinois

John Legend, “Ordinary People.” Real life love, not fairy tale BS, that’s beautifully written and performed! Cranking RF-7 IIs on Valentine’s Day.

Rick Rigler, 25 miles west of beloved Hope, Arkansas

I don't really have a Valentine's Day song. I kind of like this one though, Wynona Judd, “She Is His Only Need.” I have a few pairs of Heritage speakers, sound bars, KMC, etc.

Roger Chase, Fishers, Indiana

“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” by Jennifer Holliday. No doubt 100% this is it. Jennifer Hudson made it famous in the movie Dream Girls. But the original in this case is filled with more passion, more inspiration, and Jennifer Holliday knocks it out of the park. Forget the hairstyle- just listen to her emotion and power. It’s her song 100%, given in the form of an amazing performance. Enjoy!

John Beam, San Bernardino, California

Go Radio, “Goodnight Moon.”

Matt Deborde, Ashland, Kentucky

Tesla, “Love Song.” Asked a stranger to dance to this song and we’ve been together ever since (29 years). La Scala front speakers, Chorus II rears, RP-450C, RP-160M surrounds.

Jimmy Brown, Nederland, Texas

“Alone Again,” by Dokken... Laughing out loud.

Edmond Zauner, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec

Diana Krall, “The Look of Love,” on a pair of Heresy, with Pioneer SA9500, and Denon DVD2900. And as a second suggestion, I am not into lots of pop, but many years ago fell in love with Selena Quintanilla, particularly "I'm Getting Used To You." She had a velvety smooth voice and the track was very well recorded. Tragic story of a lover's jealousy of her.

Have a favorite Valentine’s Day Song? Please share it with the Klipsch community!


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