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New Grilles for Klipsch Speakers

Every Klipsch owner knows that all of our speakers come with grille covers. They protect the speaker and allow the product to blend into one’s home décor, if desired.

What you may not know is that many of our speaker grilles come from DuraCrest Fabrics and the company’s president, Ralph L. Fortino. Established in 1962, they have been providing the audio industry with acoustical grille cloths. They became a supplier for Klipsch back in 1973 and have produced over two million grille cloths for the company’s speakers.

Simply put, they have made grille cloths for some of the greatest loudspeakers ever made.

Of course, grilles don’t last forever. Your friendly (or not-so-friendly) feline may have designated your speakers as scratching posts or perhaps your offspring thought it would be fun to show their “personality”. Heck, your speakers’ grilles could simply look worn and old from decades of use.

Whatever the case, it’s time to refresh your Klipsch speakers and make them as beautiful as they looked the day they left the factory in Hope, Arkansas.

DuraCrest’s manufacturing expertise and experience insures that every restoration meets or exceeds the highest of Klipsch standards for quality, fit and finish.


Click here to check out a list of speaker grille cloths that DuraCrest has built or still builds for Klipsch. They are also able to professionally restore newer models of Klipsch speakers like the Reference Premiere and Reference lines.

To order a restoration of your speakers’ grille cloths, please use the contact information below. (They are working on launching a new website.)

DuraCrest Fabrics, Inc.

2474 Delta Lane

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Phone: 847 350 0030

Fax: 847 350 0033



Two million Klipsch grille cloths and counting…


What kind of shape are your speakers’ grilles in? Any funny stories about how they were damaged? Post it in the comments!



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