Hartford Live vs. Recorded

On October 9, 1956 Paul Klipsch participated in the world’s first live vs. recorded demonstration to feature a full symphony orchestra. The demonstration was put on by the Audio Workshop (West Hartford) and the Gray Research and Development Company (Manchester). It featured the 75-piece Hartford Symphony Orchestra, with Paul Klipsch acting as “master of ceremonies”. This occurred just a few days after one of Gilbert Briggs’s Carnegie Hall demos that PWK witnessed.

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The Hartford demonstration experienced technical difficulties with the FM transmissions that were to be an integral part of the show. It appears that PWK was left to do a “song and dance” while the difficulties unfolded. This comes from the only review of the event so far known to us. More documentation would be most appreciated.

Live vs. recorded is still a monumental challenge. Pretty gutsy for guys trying it in the 1950’s…

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