INDIANAPOLIS (August 19, 2008)—Boston’s newest dining destination is guaranteed to be infused with flavor—and with great sound. BOKX 109, the latest culinary venture by noted restaurateur Lou Carrier, uses a custom music experience by Muzak, and Klipsch® and Mirage® speakers throughout, to make the audio experience as incredible as the fine dining.

Carrier and his partners at Normandy/Bluehawk designed BOKX 109 to combine luxury and function in a way never before seen in the Boston market. The restaurant features dining areas overlooking firepits from full-length glass windows; three private dining rooms feature advanced technology for meetings and social gatherings, while the BOKX Bar offers a club-inspired lounge area of sofas and rich leather chairs, complimenting the center of the restaurant. Together, Klipsch and Muzak have created a unique custom music experience to complement every part of the property.

The focal point of the music experience is the restaurant, where BOKX 109 and Muzak created a program with Muzak Elements™, a new custom music service. By using Elements, BOKX 109 was able to create the perfect program for their customer experience by mixing a variety of “elements”—targeted groups of songs selected from every music genre, era and style imaginable. “Our goal was to define a sound that’s as energetic, cool and stylish as the complete restaurant experience,” said Carrier. “With Muzak Elements, we were able to hand-pick the music that complements our brand and our guest environment.”

The use of Klipsch IC-650-T in-ceiling speakers and IC-8T-SW2 in-ceiling subwoofers ensures that power, detail and emotion are delivered with every song that’s played. Outside in the pool area, Mirage Oasis Omni outdoor speakers bring 360-degrees of sound to the festivities. Lou noted: “Choosing to partner with Klipsch, Mirage and Muzak on our music profile was as important as choosing the organic farm for our prime beef. Having worked with Klipsch during my years with Hard Rock Hotels, I was already familiar with their preeminence; that being said, I was blown away by the experience Klipsch and Muzak created.”

Muzak is the nation’s leading installer of commercial sound systems, and designed a totally custom audio profile and mix of Klipsch and Mirage speakers to maximize the sonic presence.

“When you combine amazing music with an incredible sound system, it just blows you away,” said Tom Gantert, chief operating officer for Muzak. “Muzak and Klipsch have a fantastic relationship, and we were thrilled to be working together on the BOKX 109 project. We’ve created music and sound experiences for some of the world’s most unbelievable arenas, casinos, resorts and more. What we designed for BOKX 109 brings that same excitement and passion to life for their guests.”

A BOKX 109 highlight is its eight-seat chef’s table, home to chef/partner, Evan Percoco. Carrier and Percoco have collaborated on a range of projects through the years, from the historic Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. to the Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando. Through his relationships with musical artists and celebrities, Carrier has brought many of them to his restaurants to cook their favorite meals with Percoco. The chef, deferring to the artists’ “culinary claim to fame,” has worked side by side with Joan Jett, Sammy Hagar, Dave Davies of The Kinks and others to prepare their favorite dishes.

Along with the experience of seeing their favorite musicians, BOKX 109's patrons will also have the opportunity to hear the performers’ music through the custom music program and a state of the art system, making the experience even more memorable.

“It’s amazing getting these folks in front of a different kind of audience,” said Carrier. “The chef’s ability to make guests comfortable on his’ stage was always a delight for those lucky enough to be there when the cooking began and for the artist themselves. We’ve got them lined up to ‘cook in the BOKX.’ You’ll never know who you might see behind the chef’s table with Evan.” He added, “When creating the restaurant, our goal was to present a true ‘performance in dining’. With Klipsch, Mirage and Muzak as partners, we’ve done that!”

About Mirage®

Established in 1977, Mirage® is known throughout the audio industry as an innovator, continuously setting new standards in speaker design and performance. The company has built its reputation around a different class of listener—one that wants to be completely immersed in sound. Unlike directional speakers, Mirage products are Omnipolar®, delivering the same direct-to-reflected sound ratio as a live event. Audiences don’t notice where the sound is coming from; they just know they’re enveloped in their favorite music and movies. Owned by Klipsch Group, Inc., Mirage is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit

About Muzak

As a leading provider of business music, Muzak creates experiences that reach more than 100 million people daily. Some of the biggest brands in business, from Ann Taylor to AT&T to McDonald’s, work with Muzak to enhance their brand image in hundreds of thousands of client locations. Muzak creates a wide variety of core and custom music experiences for clients around the world. Muzak creates custom on-hold and in-store voice messages, and designs and installs professional sound systems, commercial television, drive-thru systems, digital signage, soundmasking systems and more through its national network of sales and service locations. For more information, visit