INDIANAPOLIS (October 20, 2004) - Implementing a new $14 million theater-inside-a-theater concept, Arizona-based Harkins Theatres has built the largest screen auditorium and most powerful digital sound system in Arizona using high-performance Klipsch professional cinema systems.

Harkins' Cine Capri theater in Scottsdale features a large 29-foot by 70-foot screen and can accommodate up to 600 guests. This large format auditorium is part of a 14-screen multiplex that opened last year.

In order to fill this auditorium with dynamic and lifelike sound, Harkins chose five stage channels consisting of dual Klipsch KPT-415 bass cabinets and a KPT-402 and Grand-HF horn, eight KPT-684 subwoofers and 28 KPT-250 surround speakers.

According to Kirk Griffin, director of engineering for Harkins Theatres, he prefers the performance of Klipsch loudspeakers because they provide superior coverage from the first row to the back of the house, and their quality control and power handling are excellent.

"We have yet to lose a driver in the 83 screens we have installed using Klipsch," said Griffin. "Customer service is great and Harkins worked personally with Klipsch engineers to create the custom stage speaker system used in the Scottsdale Cine Capri."

With 40,900 watts of RMS amplifier power, this large auditorium currently presents films in 6.1 Dolby Digital EX but has the speakers and amplifiers in place to convert to 10-channel Digital Cinema sound when it debuts.

The Cine Capri is named after the last of the Valley's movie palaces. The original Cine Capri, also owned by Harkins, charmed Biltmore area audiences for more that 30 years prior to its untimely demise in 1998.

In an effort to capture the essence of the original Cine Capri, the new theater features similar luxurious pleated gold drapes and a gold curtain that opens and closes for each show. The new Cine Capri, however, includes stadium seating that meets the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers guidelines for optimum viewing.

The multiplex's 13 other auditoriums also feature Klipsch loudspeakers for the highest level of performance for the space and an ideal rotation of blockbuster films. These screens utilize KPT-535-T stage speakers, KPT-684 subwoofers and KPT-8001 and KPT-1201 surrounds.

"The Klipsch sound experience is state-of-the-art, best of class audio solutions for the cinema industry," said Lance Jones, senior vice president of corporate development for Klipsch. "Harkins' guests who have never experienced Klipsch will witness the dynamic range and realistic reproduction from the quietest whisper to the most massive explosion."

Griffin said Harkins prides itself in presenting the finest movie-going experience to its patrons by using the latest technology, maintaining well-stocked snack bars and providing exceptional management and customer service.

"Every last detail is taken care of, whether it's the imported German projection systems or state-of-the-art Klipsch speaker systems, nothing is left to chance," said Griffin. "You will not find a better 35mm film presentation anywhere."

Harkins has been entertaining audiences since 1933, making it the oldest theater chain in Arizona. The company currently operates 259 screens in 22 locations throughout the Phoenix metro area and Northern Arizona, but recently expanded into Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where a second Cine Capri opened this past summer.