Klipsch Minimal Footprint Architectural Speakers Deliver Premium Sound Inconspicuously

INDIANAPOLIS, IND (April 17, 2018) Klipsch®, a tech-driven audio company, is pleased to introduce its first discrete, minimal footprint custom installation speakers, designed to deliver high-performance sound for distributed audio applications in a form factor that virtually disappears in any environment. The Klipsch Professional Series ReferenceTM Minimal Footprint speakers are a premium sound solution designed to minimize the visual footprint in the room.

The Klipsch Professional Series Reference Minimal Footprint series consists of the PRO-14RC in-ceiling speaker designed to size match the diameter of recessed can lights, the PRO-14RW 4" in-wall speaker, and the PRO-24-RW-LCR dual 4” in-wall left, center, right (LCR speaker). These minimal footprint speakers are designed to reproduce legendary Klipsch Reference component speaker acoustics and use core components of the line. Tractrix® horns on the in-wall models provide controlled directivity of high frequencies for more dynamic, detailed sound with higher efficiency. Aluminum dome tweeters minimize distortion and deliver enhanced, detailed performance. IMG woofers allow for exceptional efficiency and good low-frequency reproduction from small speakers.

Klipsch Minimal Footprint speakers are equipped with Sky Hook™ by Swarm installation technology, a tool-free, fully automatic, self-adjusting installation system designed to simplify and reduce installation times by up to 75%. Simply cut a hole, attach wires, press the speaker into the hole, while Sky Hook adapts to the surface thickness with a preset clamping force that virtually eliminates the possibility of breaking the dog leg or cracking drywall. Removals are also fast and easy with a quarter-turn of a screwdriver.

Pro 14 Rc 02 Smallaperture

Extra attention to detail allows Klipsch Professional Series Reference Minimal Footprint speakers to blend seamlessly into any environment. The paintable grilles are bezel-free and the PRO-14RC in-ceiling models include both round and square grilles in the box.

The accompanying Klipsch Professional Series PRO-800SW in-ceiling bandpass subwoofer completes the sound environment by delivering clean, dynamic low frequencies for distributed audio or whole home audio installations. The design features a robust yet flexible port tube that opens to a small 4.25” opening, matching the diameter of the PRO-14RC in-ceiling speaker, creating a full-range distributed audio system with a consistent, modern look. An 8” long-throw Cerametallic™ woofer provides deep bass, and dual voice coil design allows for system design versatility. The versatile Klipsch PRO-800SW subwoofer can act as an in-floor option as well, with a 4” x 10” floor vent kit accessory (sold separately) for discrete installation.

Klipsch engineers have custom designed the presets for optimized EQ and limiter settings of its KDA Series Amplifiers to maximize output and acoustic performances of the Professional Series architectural speakers and subwoofers. IP Ethernet network control drivers from Control4, Crestron, and RTI now communicate with and command Klipsch DSP amplifiers for seamless control and optimal sound.

For more information on Klipsch Professional Series Reference Minimal Footprint speakers and subwoofer, visit Klipsch.com/Custom.


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